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Pyranometer + Temp Sensor for PV Monitoring System
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Pyranometer + Temp Sensor for PV Monitoring System
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Green Energy Systems
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3 January 2019


1 Chungdae-ro, Seowon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungbuk-do 28644, CBNU Industrial Technology Research Park, 580, 28644, Republic of Korea

  • FindeaChip is a leading professional System IC design house in Korea having its major business activities focused in the area of System ICs and Sensor design and marketing.
  • The company’s accumulated many years of IC design experience and ability to keep in line with market trends, FindeaChip create innovative IC & Sensor solutions to increase customer’s competitiveness.
Certificate & License
  • KC
  • CE
Product 1
FD154: Dual Sensor (Pyranometer + Temp Sensor) for PV Monitoring Systems
FDP153 : Dual Sensor(Pyranometer + Temp Sensor) for PV monitoring system.
  • The FDP153 is a digital dual-sensor that independently measures the incoming solar irradiance using silicon photodiode and the PV panel temperature using thermal sensor.
  • It communicates over the RS485 protocol to the host.
  • FDP153 is designed with FindeaChip’s in-house sensor ROIC. So, FDP153 is accurate, stable and rugged.
FINDEACHIP FDP153 Mounted on Solar Panel