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Green Energy Solutions
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Company Name
Haneolnuri Co. Ltd
Main Product
Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Lamps, Solar Power Controller, LED Lamps
Industry Main Business Areas
Green Energy Systems
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Company Information
Date of Establishment



1,Sangjin 14-gil,Danyang-eup,Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do 27013 Korea


Our company is one that leads the way in the energy industry of the future in its dreams
for sustainable development centered on people and the environment and a Green New
Deal. We are moving forward to become a leading company in the renewable energy
industry by actively utilizing the energy provided by nature and based on continuous
research and development, and will always practice ethical management in which
people, customers, families and society come first.

Haneolnuri Company History
Certificate & License
# Certification Status
  • Chungbuk Province Star Enterprise designation.
  • Innovative Management (MAIN-BIZ) SME certificate.
  • Innovative Technology (INNO-BIZ) SME certificate
  • Venture Business confirmation.
  • Root Company confirmation certificate.
  • Family-friendly certification.
  • ISO 9001 quality certificate.
  • ISO 14001 quality certificate.
  • Company-affiliated research institute certificate.
  • CE certificate_Solar Power Controller (HPBM-01).
  • KC certificate_Solar Street Light Controller (HPBM-02)
  • KS certificate_Solar Junction Box (HAN-SC01, HAN-SC05, HAN-SC10).
  • KC certificate_LED Lamp (HTL-L100A, HTL-L200A).
  • CE certificate_Solar Power Controller (SPC1).
# Registration Status
  • Software business declaration confirmation
  • Information and communication construction business registration certificate.
  • Electric construction business registration certificate.
  • Firefighting facility business certificate.
  • Overseas construction business declaration confirmation certificate.
# Patents
  • Solar module performance evaluation methods and related system.
  • Solar tracking device
  • Street Light design
  • Solar street light and its operational method
  • Silicon ingot manufacturing device
  • Independent solar power system control device and control method.
  • Battery life extending energy storage system and control method.
Product 1
Photovoltaic System
Hanolnuri Solar Voltaic
  • Solar power generation system is a technology that converts sunlight directly into electrical energy, thinking of a better future, and researching for sustainable development
  • With more than 10 years of technology and know-how, the power generation output is maximized with the minimum amount of investment.
  • It detects product abnormalities in advance through thorough monitoring to minimize reduction, and boasts the best maintenance period through meticulous maintenance.
  • Strategic approach by analyzing historical data of the electricity market, electricity market trends, global market trends, etc. to improve profits attracted to unit price mathematics
Product 2
Solar Street Lamp
Haneolnuri Solar Street Lamp
  • Power control patented technology prevents overcharging or complete discharge of batteries, extending the life of batteries and street lights and preventing unlit lights
  • Unlike current solar street lamps, it optimizes street lamps because it can check, set, and control the contents of power management of street lamps through its display.
  • Haneolnuri Co., Ltd.’s unique one-axis solar tracking system compares and analyzes measured data in real time to ensure maximum power in the situation.
  • Unlike batteries used in existing streetlights, it has less risk factors such as power, and is suitable for extending the life of streetlights due to low battery capacity reduction rate during discharge
Product 3
SPC – Solar Power Controller
Haneolnuri SPC Solar Power Controller
  • In the case of the existing solar street lamp products, management problems such as unlighted lights continue to occur due to problems such as overcharging of the battery due to the lack of efficient power control of the solar battery. Microcontroller (MCU) control allows maintaining performance during periods of increased sunless days usually leading to failing street lamps, reduced battery life, and low and high temperatures.
  • Uses Power control parts to control battery charge and discharge and supply the minimum power required for the load in order to control the charge controller, resulting in cost savings through extended battery life.
Product 4
LED Lamp
Haneolnuri LED Lamps
  • Provides natural light and maximum high color rendering light using LEDs from a large domestic company.
  • Existing solar street lamps illuminate LED lamps through voltage changes using converters, but their renewable solar LED lamps are directly related to batteries, eliminating unnecessary power conversion, and improving street lamp life due to converter electronic components shorter than LED life.