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Korea Aluminium Ltd Co

Battery Cell Pouch; Aluminium Foil & Flexible Aluminium Packaging
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Korea Aluminium Ltd Co
Main Product
Battery Cell Pouch; Aluminium Foil & Flexible Aluminium Packaging
Industry Main Business Areas
Aluminium Production
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Company Information
Date of Establishment

24 December 2008


45, Wonmyeong-Ro, Doan-Myeon, Chuncheongbuk-Do, 27094, Republic of Korea


Aluminium Foil Production Facilities
Korea Aluminium Co.Ltd. [KOAL] boasts state of the art cold mill facilities which can produce aluminium foils that are as thin as 0.005mm by inputting 0.3mm~0.6mm aluminium strips. Moreover, the
facilities can anneal furnace into aluminium foil and plate which are heat-treated to convert to soft separator and slitter, further cutting finished produced goods into every width.

Flexible Packaging Production Facilities
KOAL occupies ultra modern facilities that include gravure printing machine for printing several kinds of packaging paper, plastic resin coating machine for increasing the power of water-proof and
extruding plastic resin machine for heightened adhesiveness, and laminating machine for coating and various gluing.

Certificate & License
  • Compliant with US FDA and other food contact articles
  • US and European pharmaceutical regulation
  • ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 15378 (GMP Compliance)
  • 5000 class clean room (production line only)
Product 1
Battery Cell Pouch
Korea AluminiumCo Ltd AL Battery Cell Pouch
Cell Pouch

The Cell Pouch is resistant to electrolysis, water and heat to increase the battery lifetime. It has high formablility to be formed into various cell shapes. We successfully developed the aluminum foils,
films, adhesives, and surface treatment agent for the AL POUCH


Small size : NY 25 / AL 40 / CPP 40 Big size : PET 12 NY 15 / AL 40 / CPP 80

Properties of cell pouch
  • Exterior material that protects Lithium Ion Battery cell (mechanical / thermal stability)
  • Multilayer structure of outer skin layer (nylon / PET film) and inner skin layer (CPP film) based on aluminum foil
  • Isolation from the external environment and blocking of energy (GAS/light/shock)
  • Prevention of aluminum metal reaction and leakage of electrolyte
  • Structural change is free compared to other exterior materials
  • Cell pouch battery has higher energy density compared to other batteries