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Neo Solartec Inc

Green Energy Solutions
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Neo Solartec Inc
Main Product
Solar Farm Structures
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Green Energy Systems
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Date of Establishment

September 2nd, 2019


525-7 Jingwang-ro, Iwol-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungbuk, 27818, Republic of  Korea


Please download and view the Catalog for Company Introduction

Solar Farm Structural Parts – Overview
Solar Farm Structural Parts
We manufacture all the structural parts of the solar farm
  • Posmac Products
  • PV Steel Frame
  • PV Mounting Rail (Omega Profile)
  • C/Z-Purlin
  • Tubes
  • Reinforcement Items (Pressed Items)
Product 1
Solar Farm Structural Parts – Rail
PV Mounting Rail

PV Mounting Rails to hold the Solar Panels

Product 2
Solar Farm Structural Parts – Pipe
Tube - solar panel support structure

Pipe parts to support the Solar Panels

Product 3
Solar Farm Structural Parts – Clamps & Brackets
Clamp - Solar Panel support structure

Clamps and Brackets to support the Solar Panels